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2gether Season 2 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about 2gether Season 2, Raw Scans, Recap of 2gether Season 2, And More.

2gether Season 2 Release Date:

The releasing date for ” 2gether Season 2 ” is scheduled for February, then turn to may then to august till now it is not been confirmed. The confirmed date is not yet been told up by the website, so be updated for more.

2gether Season 2 Spoilers:

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We cant able to gather up new updates as of now. No new updates are been leaked by the website anywhere. Maybe they are trying to gain fans’ attention for the new season and growing more curiosity into the fans for the new season’s episode, so stay tuned with the website for new information.

Previously On 2gether Season 1 :

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In the first episode, we see that sarawat and tine are making again the iconic scenes of the show, we see side issues going on between Pam and sarawat too. We also see that there are in their second year and already spend one year living together in one home, seems everything is okay for that time. There are very cute and funny moments of them like playing stick game, kiss scene and get caught, birthday scene that surprise for tine after everything was ruined are some eye-catching scenes.

After that, 2u events separate them both from each other and it was more difficult for tine because he has a habit of living with him. Then he misses sarawat every time in clothes and food almost everywhere, he misses him to hell that he can’t bear more and just cried out miserably and realizes he missing him so much. Then we see, by dims help that sarawat was at no fault sidely he was also trying his best to meet him at any cost but cant is able to make it. 

 Then they finally meet and cry for each other and are happy to see each other. As the story continues we also see mishappening at the beachside, but then in the last tine was preparing an anniversary surprise for him. Though he thought that sarawat forgot about their special day but it was not true, he remembers it very well and things went well. This story is all about how they manage and continue in their relationships and grow up together.

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