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Takt. Op was produced by Yuuki Ito, music composed by Yoshihiro Ike, series composed by Kiyoko Yoshimura, characters designed by Reiko Nagasawa. It is an anime series produced by Madhouse and MAPPA, which is based on the Takt op. original concept. Takt. Op was released on 5th October 2021.

The tight of “Music” was darkened was the sudden appearance of a dark meteorite “Iron Nocturne” on the Earth. The grotesque monsters, “D2” sprung up from the meteorites who banned the “human music”. The music which lighted the man’s heart soon became taboo.
To fight back the D2s, and bring back the light of music, the “Musicarts” appeared with the art of music as their only weapon. They composed music from history to use the music as a power to defeat the D2.

The anime portrays the battle between the D2s and the Musicarts. Takt and destiny soon learn that Orpheus is the God of D2 and Segan was the one who has been pulling the sting. The battle would start between them only when the D2s banned music. The people soon realizes that music was the D2s weakness. It was Takt who used the power of music and revived the light of music back to the people. He aimed for the revenge of his father’s death, who was killed during the battle between the humans and the D2s.

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takt op. Destiny Finale Explained: The End of the Beginning
The final season shows the battle between Orpheus vs. Takt and Destiny then defeating Sagan to stop the ongoing between the D2s and mankind. The episode begins with their attack on each other. Takt and Destiny attack Orpheus using music items while Takt goes to the crystal side of the building to avoid the blows. Both Destiny and Takt thuds with a heavy blow.

Orpheus, on the other hand, traps Destiny using self-made bombs with the thought of killing her, but she failed. Destiny realizes that Orpheus had the power to regenerate. So they should attack her from all directions to prevent a quick recovery.
Orpheus plans to catch Destiny and give her a heavy blow but couldn’t succeed. Later, Destiny managed to defeat Orpheus and Takt to Segan. Both Destiny and Takt killed Orpheus and Segan respectively, bringing back peace as a gift to humankind.

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