Shadow Beauty Episode 13: Release Date, Spoilers And Recap


Shadow Beauty Episode 13 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about Shadow Beauty Episode 13 Release Date, Recap of Episode 12, and more.

Shadow Beauty is a 2021 South Korean Web series. It is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Aheum. Directed by Bang Sou.

The story is about a girl named Aejin, who leads a secret life being Genie, a social media star with 777,000 followers. Things seem to change when one of her classmates finds her secret.

Shadow Beauty Episode 12 Highlights:

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Previously, in episode 12, we saw Mijin become very friendly with Haneul. The entire day, Aijin notices Mijin and Hanueul exchanging notes and giggling in class.

Aejin continues to talk to Mijjin. Nothing, however, falls into place. Mijin refuses to return her phone and threatens her with public humiliation. She also requests her Instagram ID password in order to access Genie’s account. When Aejin is too stubborn to share her password, she becomes enraged and threatens her with Jinsung’s message history.

Shadow Beauty Episode 13 Release Date:

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Shadow Beauty Episode 13

Fans of Shadow Beauty must be both excited and sad to watch the series’ final episode.

Shadow Beauty episode 13 is set to premiere on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. The final episode of Shadow Beauty has arrived. No Shadow Beauty fan wants to miss the season finale. Set your alarm clock and prepare to find out what happens in the final episode.

Shadow Beauty Episode 13 Countdown:

Spoilers of Shadow Beauty Episode 13:

Aejin’s actions will be the focus in the final episode of Shadow Beauty. We expect Mijin to reveal to everyone the truth about Aejin’s secret, which is that she is a Genie.

Where to stream Shadow Beauty?

There are various online platforms where you can watch your favorite show, Shadow Beauty. However, we do not recommend you to watch any show on any fake or illegal website. Shadow Beauty will be available to stream on  Rakuten Viki for both international and Korean fans.

Shadow Beauty Cast:

  1. Shim Dal Gi as Koo Ae Jin
  2.  Choi Bo Min as Kim Ho In
  3. Yang Hong Seok as Lee Jin Sang
  4. Lee Na Kyung as Genie

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