The anti-vaccine movement has been spreading lies about Betty White, the beloved actress who recently passed away at 99 years old. Contrary to internet rumors, however, Betty White did not pass away following covid-19 booster vaccination.

“Betty died in her sleep at home. People are suggesting that her death was caused by receiving a booster shot three days earlier, but that is not the case,” White’s representative Jeff Witjas said. oo Entertainment.

“She died as a result of natural causes. Her death should not be exploited for political purposes—she did not live a life like that,” Witjas added.

While Witjas told the Associated Press that White died of natural causes, he declined to answer whether White had ever gotten a booster shot. In any case, the covid-19 vaccinations have been proved to be both safe and effective.

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The anti-vaccine scum started the conspiracy theories almost immediately after she died, claiming that White got a covid-19 boost vaccination on December 28th, just days before her death. Screenshots circulating on Facebook link to something called “Crow River Media,” where the allegation appears, but there’s no evidence the original article included it about

The Facebook complaint included a phony statement from White that stated, “Eat healthily and get all of your vaccines. I just got a boost.”

Covid-19 booster shots, on the other hand, appear to be making a significant impact in whether persons who acquire the disease become severely ill from the new omicron variant. People who got a Moderna boost, for example, had 37 times higher neutralizing antibody levels.

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The United States saw a record number of new infections on Monday, with over a million cases for the first time in history. The correct figure is 1,045,968 cases, according to the CDC.

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