Sinead O’Connor Is Devastated After Her 17-Year-Old Son Shane Dies.

Sinead O’Connor is “numb with grief” after the sudden death of her son.

Shane O’Connor, who was just 17 years old, died in hospital yesterday (September 14) after being found unresponsive at his home in North Dublin. The cause of death has not yet been confirmed but it is believed to be a drug overdose.

The music star has been in hospital for the past week being treated for stress and mental health issues. She is now being comforted by family and friends after the tragic news of her son’s death just a day before what would have been his 18th birthday.

A source close to Sinead told the Herald: “She is absolutely devastated.”

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Sinead O'Connor Is Devastated After Her 17-Year-Old Son Shane Dies.

“This is the worst possible news. She has been in a very fragile state of mind and was even hospitalized last week due to her mental health,” they added.

Sinead, who was previously married to Irish rocker Steve Cooney, had Shane with her manager Frank Murray when she was just 18 years old.

In the past, Sinead has opened up about her fears she would die young like other members of her family who passed away at a young age. Her father, musician John O’Connor died after he was knocked off his bike in Crumlin when Shane was just weeks old.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer has four other children: Yeshua, 23, from a previous relationship; Jake, 18, and Robison, 16 with her ex-husband Donal Lunny and 20-year-old Karen from another relationship. She also adopted two sons – Claude and Jake – when she was married to their father, Irish drug smuggler John Cullen.

Sinead, 47, spoke about Shane in an interview two years ago and how she felt guilty that he wasn’t able to see her as often as he should. She said: “The thing I regret most is not being able to be with him all the time because of my career.

“I think sometimes, ‘My God, maybe I am bad for him, maybe I’d be better off dead. “You think you are doing the right thing by your kids but it’s not really – it’s selfish of me to devote my life to them.”

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