Why Pokimane Get Banned From Twitch?

On October 5th, 2018 Pokimane Thicc was suspended from the live streaming site Twitch.  In the lead-up to her suspension, she had been reprimanded for copyright infringement when she streamed a music video by rapper Post Malone in a stream that featured a copyrighted image of actress Emma Watson as a backdrop.  Twitch warns its users that copyright infringement is a punishable offense, and this was Pokimane’s first warning.  She was banned from live streaming for 30 days.

Her fans are now confused as to why her account has been permanently suspended after she produced an apology video clarifying her perspective on the situation.  In the video, she explained that the image she chose to overlay behind her video was not intended as an act of copyright infringement, but rather as a joke about how so many other YouTubers are using the same images to enhance their videos.  Her intention was not to pass off someone else’s creation as her own, but simply to be funny.

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Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer

The tweet that notified her of the permanent suspension read as follows:

“Your account has been suspended due to a Community Guidelines strike. We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and harassment. More info here

Her fans believe that her suspension is unjust and unwarranted, and many have created petitions to bring attention to the situation and demand answers.

Pokimane’s deletion of all her Twitch history prevents those who haven’t seen it from seeing that she had been warned for copyright infringement before the incident that led to her permanent suspension.  Neither friends nor family has given any statements in regards to the suspension.  Neither Pokimane nor Twitch have made an explanation behind the ban publicly available.

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