Comedian And Actor Bob Saget Found Died At The Age Of 65 In An Orlando Hotel Room.


Multiple sources have confirmed that Andy Bell died Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida, as a result of pneumonia.

The fire department and the Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to the hotel at 4 PM ET, after hotel security discovered Bob in his room. We’re told he was pronounced dead on the scene, but the circumstances of his death are still unknown.

Bob’s been on the road lately, visiting a number of places throughout the state of Florida, including Orlando, which began in September and was supposed to end in May.

On Saturday night, he was in Jacksonville, performing at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall… where he actually yelled out the crowd early Sunday morning.

“I had a fantastic time tonight at the PV Concert Hall in Jacksonville,” Saget continued. “A grateful audience. Thank you again to my friend, Tim Wilkins, for the opening. I had no clue I’d be doing a two-hour set tonight. I’m back to being addicted to this nonsense once more.” See http://Bob

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For over ten years, Donny was the patriarch on hit ABC comedy Full House, landing the main star part in 1987 and concluding the first version in 1995. Of course, there were John Stamos, Dave Coulier, of course… not to mention his TV children Candace Cameron (Candace), Jodie Sweetin (Jodie

While his reputation as the prototypical family man is what most people will recall him for, Saget was in fact a rather raunchy guy, especially when it came to his stand-up comedy. In his memorable Comedy Central roast, which aired in February 2012, BS’s comedic contributions were on full display as a lot of his long-term.

America's Funniest home videos

He was a talented sport, taking shots from such names as Gilbert Gottfried, Norm Macdonald, Greg Giraldo, Jon Lovitz, Jeff Ross, Brian Posehn, and others. He also came up with his own jokes… making for one of the most memorable roasts in the Comedy Central vault – speaking to Saget’s importance in comedy

In addition to his stand-up and ‘Full House’ success… Saget will be remembered as a fan favorite on “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” where he served as host from 1989 to 1997, running simultaneously with his time/tone on “FH.” He reprised his role in Netflix’s reboot of the franchise, “Fuller

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He has also appeared in films and television series including: In addition to … a recurring role on Entourage, in which he played a zany version of himself, the narrator’s voice of How I Met Your Mother, another sitcom he starred in called Raising Dad, one of the penguins in “Farce of the Penguins,” the lead in

He’s been branching out lately with a podcast series called “Bob Saget’s Here for You,” and he was even a celebrity guest on the recent “Masked Singer.”

We were out again last week to celebrate his birthday, this time with him having a great joke. He has been by our dining table from the day we met him, so it’s only fitting that he joins us for coffee and cake on occasion like today. We’d seen each other about three times in the last year or so before we got up

He wished Jeff Ross a happy birthday, and he seemed to be in excellent spirits.

Bob was married to Kelly Rizzo and had three children. He is survived by his wife, Kelly Rizzo, and three children.RIP

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