The Leaked IPhone 14 Pro Notchless Display Design Is More Insane Than We Thought


It’s been months since we heard about an upcoming iPhone model with a cutout. Now, there is evidence that points to the introduction of Apple’s first true edge-to-edge iPhone: no top bezel and no bottom chin. According to the latest leak out of China, this is how Apple plans to take on Samsung’s Infinity Display design.

The iPhone 14 pro-notch-less display design is crazier than thought! It’s all started from a sketch on Apple’s whiteboard, which was leaked by an insider quite some time ago. And it shows that the iPhone 14 will have a completely bezel-free screen with no cutout whatsoever. The sketch makes it clear that all the typical iPhone components will be moved to the top of the handset: camera, LED flash, and even 3D sensors. Because of this, Apple is expected to remove the Home button and place it on the rear side instead — just like Huawei did with its P20 flagship.

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What has happened so far? On April 12, we got what appears to be a legit “iPhone 14” render. It’s in line with the sketch and shows two phones: one with a notch and one without it:

That said, the notched version will come out this fall, while the other should arrive next year. The latter is going to be more advanced since Apple reportedly plans to use a camera with 3D sensing tech. This is needed for Face ID, which will be replaced by the TrueDepth sensor.

Many people wondered if Apple will actually remove the notch on 2019’s iPhone models and it seems like this will indeed happen.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Max punch-holes display panel - Leaked iPhone 14 Pro notchless display design is crazier than thought

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