Credit Suisse’s Price Target for General Electric Stock (GE): $122


Credit Suisse has set a $122 price target on General Electric Company’s (NYSE: GE) shares. These are the details of how to make money with it.

Credit Suisse has set a $122 price target on shares of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). And, according to Credit Suisse’s John Walsh, General Electric has been upgraded to an “Outperform” rating from a “Neutral” rating.

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In the same vein, Goldman Sachs raised its price target on 21st Century Fox to $32 a share from $29. Walsh pointed out that 21st Century Fox is putting forth efforts to split into three public companies: Energy, Aviation, and Healthcare. He thinks that the recent decline in stock prices provides an opening to make money.

The stock is currently trading at $22.67 a share, which is 1 percent above the separation’s value of $21.70 per share established by investors on November 9, and 4 percent below GM’s historical high of $26.55 set in October 2018, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. 

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