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How to Draw a Cute Anime Girl in 6 Steps. Learning how to draw an anime girl is easier than you think! All you need are some basic shapes, practice your lines and patience. Let’s go!

Step 1 – Make the Basic Shapes of the Body

Start by drawing two circles. These will be the basic shapes to help you draw the torso and shoulders of an anime girl (or boy). For this example, I’m drawing a pretty generic female anime body that is wide in the hips and narrow at the top.

Draw two ovals that are about equal in size for more feminine features or make one slightly larger than the other to create a more masculine shape.

20+ Cute Anime Girls Who Will Kill You With Their Charm credit: Tremblzer

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Step 2 – Draw the Torso and Shoulders

Draw another circle around the first one for the chest area. For a girl this will probably be a nice, big c-cup size or smaller depending on your preference. Then draw two curved lines that resemble an x from the shoulders down to her hips.

You can also draw two angled lines that connect the chest circle to each shoulder circle before drawing in her arms for a more proportionate look. Draw the neck and collar area next by connecting both shoulders with three curved lines. If you’re drawing a boy, just make the neck thicker instead of smaller like in this example.

Step 3 – Draw the Head and Arms

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Now draw a circle around both shoulders for the head. Draw two triangles with their points facing outward on either side of this circle for her ears. Then draw in his face which is basically four curved lines that are half circles when you look at them from the side. Check out the image above to see how they should look.

Add two triangles to the head circle to finish off her hair and draw in both arms starting with a small circle at the shoulder and getting larger as they go down to each finger. Her hands will be just little ovals inside of straight lines that are attached to the wrist. The palms of her hands should be facing up toward you since she is in a relaxed pose.

Step 4 – Draw the Legs and Feet

Draw in her hips by making two angled lines coming out from each side of the chest circle. Then draw an oblong shape below these that comes up to where her legs meet and slightly curves inward for her stomach and backside. Since this is how you draw an anime girl, this is obviously going to be a pretty big and round shape.

Then draw two ovals for her thighs coming out from the hip line you just drew. Draw two small straight lines for her knees and then draw another oblong shape that extends down three little triangles coming from this one that will be her lower legs (feet). Don’t forget to give her cute little toes.

Step 5 – Finish Drawing the Cute Anime Girl

Draw in the rest of her hair and add a few more details like some parts of her clothes which will be simple straight lines for this example. Then draw in the lower half of his body which you can either leave blank or add a skirt or pair of pants if you want.

Draw some lines and circles to give her cute little shoes and this anime girl is complete! You can do anything you like at this point, but here’s a tip: if you’re just starting out drawing an anime girl, try not to concentrate too much on the details until your basic shapes are looking good.

Step 6 – Color the Cute Anime Girl

Finally, color your drawing. This is definitely a step that requires patience and lots of practice if you want to color a drawing like a pro. Anime girl drawings tend to have very bright colors so don’t under-estimate simplicity when it comes to coloring!

If you’re having trouble with drawing anime girls, try picking up some drawing lessons to help you out. One of the best books on learning how to draw anime is Mark Crilley’s “Draw Anime & Manga”  which contains over 100 pages of awesome advice for beginners!

From there, keep practicing by drawing tons of anime girl sketches in your notebook until it becomes second nature. Better yet, try your hand at some more advanced anime girl poses that might be a little more difficult to draw!

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