Susanna Reid’s On-Off Relationship With A Multimillionaire, And Her Three Kids With Her Ex-Boyfriend Are All Discussed On ITV’s Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid has been a regular fixture on ITV’s Good Morning Britain for many years, often doing the asking.

However, the presenter has frequently been asked questions about her personal life, including her love life.

She has vowed never to get married, and she is a private person about her relationships. She says she will never marry.

Susanna is a former model who has been hosting ITV’s morning current affairs program since 2014, previously alongside Piers Morgan. She reportedly made the UK’s highest-paid woman on television when she signed a £1.1 million contract with ITV.

The presenter has been together with journalist Dominic Cotton for more than 16 years, and they have three boys together – Sam, Finn, and Jack.

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The pair, who never married, split in 2014.

On Good Morning Britain, she was asked why they didn’t get married. “It was a personal decision,” she responded. It’s an old-fashioned notion that children are “illegitimate” if you’re not married. Whether you get married or not, children are recognized as legal in the United Kingdom.

Years later, following the split, Nadia moved on with Steve Parish, the chairman of Crystal Palace football club. They were seen together in November 2018 at a Crystal Palace v Chelsea matchup after going public in November 2018.

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“It was a friendship first,” she added. “I wanted to focus on work and the children since I had split with Dominic.”

The pair announced their split in April 2019, and they had been dating for around a year.

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