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Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 362 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 362 Release Date, Recap of Chapter 361, and more.

Tales of Demons and Gods is a famous manga written by Mad Snail and published by Qidian.

The story of Tales of Demons and Gods revolves around Nie Li, one of the most powerful Demon Spirits. He dies in the battle with the Sage Emperor, but he is resurrected at the age of 13 and returned to his previous life. He is now the bottom in his class and the Red Soul Realm’s lowest talent. His vast knowledge from his previous life, on the other hand, enabled him to train faster than anyone else. When the beast attacks the city later, he tries to safeguard the city as well as his beloved, friends, and family members who died as a result of the beast’s onslaught, as well as destroy the sacred family that has abandoned their home their duty and betrayed the city in his past life.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 361 Highlights:

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Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 354 Release DateAWD

When Nie Li placed the first needle in Chapter 361, she acted boldly. However, Nie Li reminded her that there were two more needles to go, but Yuyin pretended not to hear him, but as he gazed into her, she began sweating and Nie Li assured her that he had repaired all of the critical spots.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 362 Release Date:

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Chapter 362 of tales of Demons and Gods will be released on 15 January 2022.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 362 Countdown:

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 362 Spoilers:

Nie Li stretches his perceptions with his senses on high alert in the following episode, but he is unable to feel the other party’s sense. Nie Li’s brow was dripping with sweat. He was already a 5-fate, and his perceptive powers had grown to terrifying proportions. Within fifty meters of him, he could detect even the tiniest movement. Assassinating pupils on the grounds of the sky soul institute was forbidden by the Divine Feathers Sect. The regulations of the Divine Feather Sects were unbreakable.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Cast:

1. Nie Li
2. Gu Bei
3. Xiao Ning’er
4. Ye Ziyun
5. Du Ze
6. Lu Piao

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