In a Candid New Video, Lopez, 52, Exposes her New Year’s Resolution: To Be the Finest Partner Possible for Affleck, 44.

Lopez, who is currently dating Ben Affleck and expecting their first child together, has stated that one of her New Year’s resolutions is to be the “greatest partner” as a couple.

On Monday, the chart-topping singer, 52, showed off her rock-solid abs as she sat on a sofa in her Los Angeles home and addressed her 191 million followers ahead of a workout.

JLo appeared on Instagram live video to reveal her plans for the year ahead before addressing Ben, 49. She donned a grey crop top and black leggings and candidly stated that she was contemplating her intentions for the year ahead before mentioning Ben.

She explained she wants to be: 'The best mother I can be, the best partner I can be, the best friend I can be. The best daughter, sister, boss, person I can be'

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‘I’m really, really happy,’ beams the star. ‘Hey people, how are you doing? It’s raining right now, and I’m in a melancholy mood as a result of it.’

I was just thinking – before I have to exercise – about my goals for this year.

The model, who is a fan of the new Stephen King film It, wrote on Twitter: ‘I feel it’s been fun and interesting to bring you news from the world outside! Here are some facts about frogs that I’ve learned since starting my #KissAndTell project. Maybe they’ll surprise you…’ This was accompanied by an image

‘I was just considering what my intentions are for this year, before I have to work out’ the star stated.

Candid: JLo candidly shared her New Year's resolutions with her social media followers (pictured with Ben in December)

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‘I feel it’s been entertaining and fascinating to bring you news from the world outside!’ she told her fans. ‘Here are some details about frogs I’ve learned since starting my #KissAndTell project. Maybe they’ll surprise you…” This was accompanied by an image that showed Jennifer with a frog resting on her shoulder.

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