Selena Gomez Explained The Meaning Behind Her New Rose Tattoo And Its Strength And Femininity


Selena Gomez got a new rose tattoo on her left hand that sparked some interesting conversations online, with fans wondering what the meaning behind the tattoo is.

Selena recently made an appearance on “The Tonight Show”, where she talked to host Jimmy Fallon about it during their interview. She also posted a video on Instagram of the tattoo being done, which was done by one of the tattoo artists from New York City shop SpiderFlower. In the video, you can see that Selena’s girlfriend is also there as she watches as Selena gets her tattoo finished.

Selena poses for a picture at a step-and-repeat

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Selena explained that she was at dinner with friends and family at a restaurant when her friend said ‘I’m going to go get a tattoo.’ Selena said that she replied ‘Oh, I’m going to go get a tattoo with you,’ and then her friend told her that they could both do it.

Selena then revealed that the rose symbolizes two things for her – strength and femininity. “I think being strong is so important, but having your guard down, and being sweet, and soft, and feminine is cool too,” she said.

You can check out videos of the interview with Selena below.

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