The Second Husband Episode 104 Release Date, Spoilers, Countdown And Watch Online

The Second Husband’s Episode 104 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about The Second Husband’s Episode 104 Raw Scans, Previously on The Second Husband’s Episode103, And More.

It is a South Korean television series that is directed by Kim Chil-bong and written by Seo Hyeon-Joo. The story follows a passionate romance drama in which a woman who has lost her family unfairly ventures to seek revenge in between fate and love.

The Second Husband Episode 104 Highlights:

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The Second Husband Episode 82

From Seon Hwa becoming the CEO of J Capital to Seo Jun confessing that he likes Seon Hwa, the previous episode made the audience quite excited. Fans were amazed but were kinda expecting Seo Jun to develop feelings for Seon Hwa. The endless stares that he gave Jae Min were a big clue. He and Seon Hwa even had the main lead catching the female lead before she falls moment in of the recent episodes. Seo Jun even got mad at her because he became really flustered. Moreover, he had also picked up a fight with Jae Min when he had come to visit Seon Hwa.

The Second Husband Episode 104 Release Date:

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The upcoming episode of The second Husband will be released on January 12, 2022.

The Second Husband Episode 104 Countdown:

The Second Husband Episode 104 Spoilers:

It looks like Seon Hwa has been collecting all of the men in the town. Now that she has become the CEO of J Capital and might become the director of Daekook Confectionary, there is no stopping her. It seems like Sang Hyuk and his greedy mother, Mal Ja, have also realized this. In the preview, Mal Ja could be seen telling Sang Hyuk that it was a wrong decision to leave Seon Hwa for Jae Kyung because knew Seon Hwa was well off and how Mal Ja could keep sitting when someone is living their life. But the thing that excited the audience the most was when Sang Hyuk told his mother that she shouldn’t be worried because he had something in plan.

Where to Watch the Second Husband – Streaming Details:

We do not recommend watching this series on fake streaming platforms. Please check on Rakuten Viki.

The Second Husband Cast:

  1. Cha Seo-won as Yoon Jae-min
  2. Uhm Hyun-kyung as Bong Seon-hwa
  3. Oh Seung-ah as Yoon Jae-kyeong
  4. Han Ki-woong as Moon Sang-hyeok
  5. Jung Sung-mo as Yoon Dae-gook
  6. Kang Yoon as Kim Soo-cheol

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