Fortnite Tornado, Weather And Flare Guns Update: Release Date And Time Revealed


The Fortnite Weather and Flare Guns Update will be live starting Thursday, December 13 at 1:30 PM EST, 10:30 AM PST for all platforms.​

This update includes the following features/changes/fixes:

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Changes to how the weather is processed in-game. This gives us more control over how it impacts the gameplay. We will be able to create more diverse weather going forward.

Flare Gun

Introducing a new item: The Flare Gun! Use this item to call down a strike from above. Fire it directly at your feet or at a nearby wall to call down an artillery strike on that position.

Fortnite Tornado, Weather And Flare Guns Update: Release Date And Time Revealed

Do not fire the Flare Gun into or near any structures, as it will do damage to them!

New Tactical Sub-Weapon – Smoke Grenade Each smoke grenade has 3 charges. On the third smoke grenade fired, any players inside of the smoke cloud will be suppressed for 2 seconds.

New Tactical Sub-Weapon – Flashbang Grenade Each flashbang has 3 charges. The blast from the flashbang will temporarily blind players that are looking in the direction of the explosion. It will also deal a small amount of damage to players when it detonates, however, this damage is meant to be fairly negligible due to the fact that the blast is much more effective when it temporarily blinds enemies.

(These tactical sub-weapons are available in the Vending Machine.)

Storm Minimap The minimap will now indicate which direction the Storm is moving, if you zoomed in to your map. This way, you can watch the Storm slowly close in on your location, especially when you’re keeping an eye on the Storm’s icon on your Minimap!

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Fortnite Tornado, Weather And Flare Guns Update: Release Date And Time Revealed

Emoji Re-ordering When naming your character, you now have the option to reorder the list of emoji that will be displayed. This way, if you choose to display emoji names or regular text for your name, it can be arranged to suit your needs!

You can select up to 6 Emoji for your name You can re-order them by dragging You can disable certain emoji in your name if you choose to display text instead of emoji.

“Show Name Plates” Option This is an option that will allow you to choose whether you want your teammate’s names to show at all times, only when aiming at them or never.

Salvaged Assault Rifle + New Graphics for Common Drops We’ve increased the spawn rate of the Salvaged Assault Rifles so they’ll appear 1 in 7 crates! The new look for these guns is still work-in-progress, but here’s a preview of what you’ll be seeing next week: we’re currently working on getting the materials to react more realistically with lighting and shadows, so keep an eye out for these changes next week!

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