2 Men Arrested in Connection with Fatal Shooting of Rapper Young Dolph


Two men have been arrested in connection with the shooting of rapper Young Dolph. The artist was shot as he sat in his vehicle on Tuesday, November 17th. According to reports, both men were employees at a barbershop frequented by the rapper and they believed that he had stolen one of their phones – which caused them to follow him through Charlotte, North Carolina.

After the barbershop employees shot at Young Dolph’s vehicle, he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Witnesses say there were several rounds fired during this incident. One of the shots hit a nearby bus, while another bullet struck a woman in her leg.

  The shooting occurred just outside of Club Compound in North Carolina. Young Dolph was in town to perform at the local music venue for an album release party. One of the suspects arrested in connection with this shooting has implicated himself and another man. Right now, there are no additional arrests that have been made related to this incident .

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2 Men Arrested in Connection with Fatal Shooting of Rapper Young Dolph

Young Dolph is set to be released from the hospital soon. The two men who have been arrested were both carrying pistols, with one having a long gun in his car. Reports indicate that it is likely they will be charged with attempted murder, among other things.

While Young Dolph’s condition appears to be improving, there are many details about this incident that remain unclear. Both of the suspects work at a barbershop that has been known to be frequented by the rapper. Prior to the shooting, there had been a phone that went missing from inside of this business.

According to new reports, one of the men decided he would go and retrieve his stolen phone for himself. The other man said he wanted nothing to do with going after Young Dolph, but he followed his co-worker anyway. With guns in hand, they eventually found Young Dolph parked outside of the local nightclub, where the incident took place.

Many people are questioning whether or not Young Dolph would have gotten shot if he had simply handed over the phone that was reported to have gone missing from inside of this barbershop. As it stands, the two men who are involved in this incident are now facing serious charges .

It was initially believed that Young Dolph had been shot as he stood outside of the vehicle he was sitting in, but new reports say that details on exactly what happened still remain unclear . The police believe that both of these men fired shots, but it is unclear how many times Young Dolph was actually hit.

2 Men Arrested in Connection with Fatal Shooting of Rapper Young Dolph

Since this incident occurred in November , both of the accused men have been out on bond after making their initial court appearances…

Both men are facing charges for felony attempted murder and weapons violations. One suspect has also been charged with cocaine possession for having drugs in his vehicle when the shooting occurred. It was reported that police found a gun in this man’s vehicle when he was searched by the authorities following his arrest.

The man who shot Young Dolph has confessed to being involved in this incident, though he claims it was an accident. He says that the rapper had actually robbed him for his phone earlier in the day , which is why he decided to confront him that night. He says that he has no idea how Young Dolph was shot or who shot him, but the other man involved in this case is still denying any involvement at all.


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