Today In HISTORY for January 14th: What Happened On January 14


Highlights of Today in History: Inauguration of George Wallace; the United States and Britain sign a peace agreement; Roosevelt and Churchill discuss world affairs at the Casa Blanca ranch in Arizona, Harry S. Truman becomes president after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death; The Today Show debuts.

2005  The European Huygens space probe touches down on Saturn’s moon Titan.

  • It was the first time that humans had set foot on another world in our solar system.

1967 With the Human Be-In, the summer of love begins.

  • The Hippie Movement began in San Francisco and quickly spread to other countries.

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1953  Tito becomes the president of Yugoslavia.

  • His country’s authoritarian leader has now become a uniting symbol and is still remembered by many people today.

1943 Churchill, Roosevelt, and de Gaulle gather in Casablanca to plan their post-war strategy.

Source: BulletinScore
  • At the secret Casablanca Conference, the leaders determined that the Allied Forces would accept nothing less than an Axis surrender unconditional.

1559 Elizabeth I is enthroned as Queen of England.

  • “Elizabeth I “the Virgin Queen” was the daughter of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII.

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