Kylie Jenner Is Now OFFICIALLY The First Woman To Reach 300 Million Followers On Instagram


Kylie Jenner has now become the first woman on Instagram to hit 300 million followers.  Jenner reached this milestone, which is 10 million more than Beyonce, less than a year after hitting 100 million. This comes weeks after she was narrowly dethroned by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as the most followed person on the platform.

” This has been so incredibly surreal!!! I’m forever grateful for this Experience and love each of you! �� Thank you! ” Jenner captioned her celebratory Instagram post on Tuesday.

Kylie Jenner is now the first woman to reach 300 million followers on Instagram

She’s #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians

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Jenner’s younger half-sister, Kim Kardashian West, isn’t far behind.  She has about 277 million followers and is currently the fourth most-followed account on Instagram. “Can’t even process that I have 300 million of you following me!! It’s overwhelming! What an exciting day for our family thanks you all for the support! I love you guys!” Jenner wrote on Instagram.

Source: India Head News

Although she joined Instagram later than her famous siblings, Kylie Jenner has managed to eclipse even mega influencers like Selena Gomez (210 million), Ariana Grande (165 million) and Ellen DeGeneres (165 million). Kylie Jenner becomes the first woman to reach 300 million followers on Instagram

‘Today has been so surreal!’ she wrote next to the photo of herself covered in butterflies. More than two thirds of Jenner’s followers are female, something that reflects her regular postings about her personal life.  Jenner regularly posts photos and videos showing off her infamous curves as well as snaps documenting her love life with boyfriend Tyga.

Kylie Jenner becomes the first woman to reach 300 million followers on Instagram However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for her. Kylie’s social media fame has led some people to question whether she should be paid to promote products – something that other stars like Kim Kardashian West and Emily Ratajkowski have done.

She recently faced criticism for promoting an appetite-suppressing drink to her young fans, while others have expressed concerns over the effect that too much social media can have on their mental health.

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