GTA 6 Leaked Map LOCATIONS & Rumours


As you can see in the map, there’s a couple of rural and desert areas covered in this map which never appeared in any GTA game before. You can be sure that at least one or two new locations will be added when the next GTA title is released.

GTA 6 Location #1: Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores has been confirmed to be a location in GTA 6 by Rockstar themselves. This town is located to the north of Los Santos and will be unlocked once you reach level 10 in GTA 5. Conman2000 has created an excellent map showing Sandy Shores’ exact position:

If you want, take a look at some actual screenshots from this location:

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GTA 6 Location #2: Paleto Forest

The town of Paleto Bay and the surrounding areas will appear in GTA 6. This information comes from a reliable source which was correct about most of the other details he leaked prior to the release of Grand Theft Auto 5. But this one is still just a rumour at this point, so take it with a grain of salt.

The map shown above is the only piece of evidence we have so far to prove that Paleto Forest and Paleto Bay will be in GTA 6. The artwork was released by Rockstar itself:

GTA 6 Location #3: Mount Chiliad and Whetstone

Mount Chiliad and the surrounding area (Whetstone) will definitely be in the next GTA game. This information comes directly from Lazlow, who is an associate producer at Rockstar.

GTA 6 Location #4: North Yankton/ Ludendorff

Source: Latest News

Comments by one of the scriptwriters for GTA 5 confirmed that both North Yankton and Ludendorff will appear in the next GTA game, most likely as a revisited location since North Yankton was technically just a very small part of the map.

North Yankton appeared only in the prologue portion of GTA 5 so it will be interesting to see how Rockstar will expand this area for GTA 6. Maybe they’ll add some more missions set in North Yankton or maybe even a whole new storyline centered around this area?

GTA 6 Location #5: Wailing Woods

This is an interesting one. Like Paleto Forest and Ludendorff, the name of this location has been revealed by Rockstar’s art department prior to the release of GTA 5. It looks like they’ve been busy working on the map for GTA 6!

Wailing Woods is a town in Red Dead Redemption that appeared in Undead Nightmare. Could we see some zombies added to the mix when this location appears in GTA 6? Some people have speculated that Wailing Woods could be a part of New Hanover, but seeing as there aren’t any woods in this part of the map, I don’t think it’s likely.

GTA 6 Location #6: North Yankton in GTA 6?

If you watched the intro to Grand Theft Auto 5 then you’ll remember that Michael and Trevor are robbing a bank when things start to go south. Eventually, the cops show up and both characters are shot and left for dead. They survive, but Trevor decides to go back to Sandy Shores to lay low while Michael returns home to his family.

This location is called Hackett River in Grand Theft Auto Online (GTAO) and it’s identical to North Yankton apart from the fact that this one has trees. Also you can’t actually visit Hackett River yet because Rockstar haven’t finished creating it. There’s only the bare minimum of vegetation and no buildings or interiors at all… Take a look for yourself:

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