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​BANGAR RAJU Review: It’s a laugh riot at times, but sadly the laughs are few and far between. The story lacks clarity and Mrudula fails to impress.  It delivers what it promises – splendid, silly fun – and if you like mindless masala flicks, there isn’t a reason you won’t like it either. 

To the film’s credit, it does have some interesting moments that might bring in laughs. Had these moments been incorporated into a tight screenplay, things would have panned out differently. If you are looking out for mindless fun this weekend, Bangarraju has some good moments for sure.

​Bangar Raju is an enjoyable comedy film that can be enjoyed if you go with the flow. Vishnu Manchu yet again impresses with his performance and shows that he has become a fine actor. This is one for Vishnu fans! 

​If you are looking for a good comedy movie, this is the best choice. It’s an entertainer at its core with necessary doses of romance, action, and emotions too. Watch it !!

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Bangarraju Movie Review - Movie Reviews

On the whole, Bangar Raju is a comedy movie meant for a light-hearted audience. If you are expecting anything more from the film then it will be a disappointment to you. Go enjoy this one-time watch entertainer! 

Bangarraju has its moments, but they’re too few and far between to make the film memorable. Even the action part fails to provide any excitement. The film’s a decent watch, but don’t expect anything more from it. 

Bangar Raju is a comedy entertainer with no logic or story and just goes on with the flow. Watch this only if you are in the mood to laugh and laugh!

Bangarraju is a film devoid of logic, which it blissfully ignores in the hope of evoking laughter from its audience. This ‘comedy’ lacks the content to make it a successful comedy film. Watch it only if you are really fond of Vishnu Manchu. 

Bangar Raju is just another run-of-the-mill fare! Of course, it entertains to an extent but the post-interval portions are pretty boring. If you want to kill time, then go for it at least this weekend!

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