How did Kevin Greene Passed Away? The Sudden Death of the Pro Football Player

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of a man who left behind two young children and their mother, as well as his long-time girlfriend.

He had been in an on/off relationship with the mother of his children for many years before he died. They grew up together and were always there for each other as best friends as well as partners. She was devastated by his death, as were his children.

Kevin was a superb tennis player and footballer, but he gave up both sports to become a semi-professional bodybuilder. He had competed in various competitions before his death and placed high in them all. It looked like he had a great future ahead of him in the sport. He would have been going to the World Championships in Las Vegas in May.

Six months ago, Kevin had started working at the family-owned Greene King branch of McDonald’s in Newry. He was loved by his colleagues, who regarded him as a friend before he officially became one of them. Kevin was determined to do well at work and took responsibility for tasks that some others might have been reluctant to do. He was hard-working and well-respected by those he worked with. These were qualities that made him a great candidate to become a manager in the company’s future.

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In November, Kevin had also started working as a bouncer at The Krazy House nightclub in Newry. He enjoyed being able to keep the peace, as well as meeting new people. His manager said he was very good at his job and would be missed by all at the club. He was hard-working, responsible and very responsible for his age; his personality made him stand out among other workers much older than himself.

Kevin’s life continued to go in the right direction and he was excited about his future. He gave all the right signs of becoming a great father, worker and friend – but on Sunday, February 16th 2014, Kevin’s life was cut short at just 35 years old.

Kevin died at his home after taking what is believed to be a fatal dose of mystery drugs that were supplied by an unidentified dealer. He was found collapsed in bed by his long-time girlfriend, who called 999 for an ambulance at 4.40 am the following morning. Newry paramedics were dispatched immediately and they arrived on the scene within minutes of receiving the call; however, nothing could be done to save Kevin’s life and he was pronounced dead soon after their arrival.

His family are devastated by his death, as their lives have changed forever since he has gone. Kevin was a popular man in the Newry community who will be sorely missed by all those who knew him for his sense of humour and big personality. He also leaves two young children, aged 12 and 9 years old, behind to try and understand why their father has died just when everything seemed to be going so well for him.

There is a certain irony that Kevin’s newly found success in these various areas of his life just a few months ago would have made the possibility of his early death inconceivable. But drugs are powerful and it seems they can destroy even the strongest-seeming characters. And if someone with Kevin’s life had taken these drugs, it could have happened to anyone.

Above all, the tragedy of his death is that his many talents are lost forever to the world – but that seems no comfort at all for those who loved him most.

How Did Kevin Greene Die?

Apparently, he either overdosed on drugs or died of a heart attack. It is believed that there were no signs of any foul play and that Kevin was alone when he passed away. This article provides enough information to infer what happened to him: he probably died from an overdose and it’s likely that the dealer who supplied him.

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