Tiffany Haddish Was ARRESTED And Charged With Driving Under The Influence In Georgia.


Tiffany Haddish was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Atlanta early Saturday morning.

The 42-year-old actress/comedian was reportedly pulled over by police for speeding on Interstate 75, Variety reports. She is now out of jail after posting $3,020 bail. In addition to DUI, Haddish is also facing charges of speeding, reckless driving and possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

The actress was in Atlanta filming her upcoming comedy “Night School” at the time, according to Variety. In theaters next week, she stars alongside Kevin Hart in this semi-autobiographical film about two high school dropouts trying to earn their GEDs. The comedian has always been open about her fight with substance abuse and was recently featured on HBO’s “The Last Laugh” alongside Kevin Hart and Richard Pryor Jr., the son of the late legendary comedian who also struggled with addiction issues.

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Haddish told Hart during the interview that she was planning to avoid the mistakes of her past, saying , “I’m 38 now, so I’ve done things in the past. But what have I learned? Next time there’s a mistake or something that happens, I can’t throw me under the bus. This is Tiffany Haddish — not just ‘some girl.'” Haddish has also lived with the traumatic effects of sexual abuse. She was raped at age 9 by a family friend who went on to sexually assault her again when she was 17.

Tiffany Haddish Arrested in Georgia on DUI Charge - Variety

The comedian said through her work in comedy, that’s one thing she could “control.” “I can control what I do onstage,” she told the Los Angeles Times in an interview earlier this year. “I can control my interviews, who I choose to talk to, where I go, what I wear.”

She added , “It’s not about shying away from trauma or drama or pain or hurt. It’s about embracing it and using it.”

Haddish made her big-screen debut in the 2017 film “Girls Trip” and has since been on a roll starring in multiple movies such as “The Oath,” “Night School,” and voicing the lead character Tuca in Netflix’s animated comedy series, “Tuca & Bertie.”

She’s also set to star in an untitled Tyler Perry comedy film as well as “The Lego Movie 2” and potentially star in a sequel to “Girls Trip.”

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