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What To Do When Your Vending Machine Malfunctions?

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If you’re like me, then you’re probably always on the prowl for a good deal. For this reason, you might go out of your way to purchase items from vending machines instead of purchasing them at their usual price. It’s not uncommon to hear people speak about how they purchased an item for an extremely reduced price. Most of the time these are lucky finds, but they can also be signs that a machine was broken or is broken in some way.

How To Tell If A Vending Machine Is Not Working?

A quick look at the object in question will often be enough to give you some insight into whether or not it’s malfunctioning. It would be ideal if we could just ask someone and get an honest answer from them, but that’s probably not going to be the case. That being said, there are a few things you can look for when trying to determine whether or not an object is broken:

The Lights On The Machine Aren’t Working

A non-working vending machine will often have lights that don’t turn on. If this is the case, then the machine probably isn’t working. If you manage to find a faulty vending machine that you can investigate further, then look for a power button on the other side of it. You should press this button and see if anything happens after you do so. If it doesn’t, then chances are that you’ve found a broken vending machine.


The Machine Is Too Hot Or Cold

If the vending machine feels excessively hot or cold for a reason that you can’t pinpoint, then it’s probably not working. A cool surface on a machine is usually normal because most machines have cooling fans on them to keep their inner components from overheating. This being said, there are times when the cooling fans don’t work. If you feel that the machine is excessively hot or cold, then it’s probably not working.

The Machine Isn’t Accepting Money

If there are coins sticking out of a vending machine or if they continually end up stuck in the coin slot, then this means that the machine isn’t accepting money properly. A malfunctioning vending machine that isn’t accepting money properly is probably broken.

The Buttons On The Machine Don’t Work

If you’re able to go behind a malfunctioning vending machine, then you might be able to spot any issues with its button panel or touch screen. If these are working inadequately, then the whole machine is likely to be inoperable. This being said, if you press the buttons on your touch screen and nothing happens, chances are that this is a broken machine.

The Machine Isn’t Able To Drop Items

If you see an item sitting in a vending machine but it doesn’t end up getting dispensed when you press its button, then there might be an issue with the machine. The majority of machines will have a compartment where you can store items that weren’t dispensed properly, but if you see no such compartment, then there’s likely an issue.

The Machine Isn’t Making Any Noise

If your vending machine is broken, then it will often not make any sounds when you press its buttons. A vending machine will make a sound when you press its buttons, but it won’t in the case of a broken one.

Machine Isn’t Selling Items

As mentioned in a previous point, a non-functional vending machine might have an area that allows you to store unwanted items. If you see this area and see that there aren’t any items inside, then the machine isn’t selling anything. It’s also worth mentioning that a malfunctioning vending machine will often not sell items at all.

The machine Isn’t Giving Out Change

A non-working vending machine won’t sometimes give back any change if you pay for something. A broken machine will usually have its coin slot or touch screen blocked in some way, which means that it won’t dispense change if you need it.

The Sides Of The Machine Aren’t Attached Properly

If you notice that the side panels of a non-working vending machine are sitting away from its body, then there might be an issue with it. The majority of vending machines have two side panels that are held onto the body by twist locks. If these side panels aren’t attached properly, then a malfunctioning vending machine is likely to be broken.

If you’re able to spot any of these issues with a vending machine, then it might be broken and you should probably avoid buying from it. Most broken machines will have a note on them letting people know that they’re out of order. If you spot this, then it’s probably best to leave the area quickly.

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