Disney+ To Bring Back The SANTA CLAUSE Sequel Series For Reprise Of His Role By Tim Allen.


Tim Allen is set to reprise his role as Scott Calvin in the upcoming The Santa Clause sequel series for Disney+.  The actor confirmed he will “start [recording] when they say go,” adding, “And we’ll see when that is and what it entails.”

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Tim Allen in The Santa Clause  (1994) Allen will appear in the upcoming show alongside David Krumholtz who is set to play his son, Charlie. The premise for this “new iteration” of The Santa Clause is that both Allen and Krumholtz’s characters are now divorced after Charlie was unable to deal with Scott’s Christmas Eve journey to the North Pole each year.

“I’m just glad they’re doing it,” Allen said, revealing how he felt about Disney+ remaking his iconic film. “This is gonna be cool!”

Source: Republic World

The Santa Clause is a popular Christmas franchise that started with 1994 original and led to two sequels. The second installment in particular became a fan favorite as it featured Tim Allen’s character undergoing a mid-life crisis, only to find out that he was Santa Claus.

Tim Allen in The Santa Clause 2  (2002) Fans have long been asking for the two sequels to be given the same treatment as other modern Disney films by being turned into their own TV series. However, there has never been any confirmation about this happening until now.

Charlie is expected to embark on a new adventure with his father as he tries to help him prepare for Christmas each year. While an official release date has yet to be announced, the Disney+ special titled “The Making of The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2  How They Came to Be” will air on October 12th.

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