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I wanted to post a quick, spoiler-free article on the ending of Yellowjackets. I didn’t know there was going to be an ending that ties into Season 2 when I wrote this so hopefully, the actual explanation will fit what ends up happening in the next season. If they don’t I’ll backtrack and edit this to fit.

Please let me know your thoughts on it as well as what you think will happen in Season 2!

Okay, so what does that final scene at the end of Yellowjackets mean?

What’s Dr. Quinn trying to tell us with her drawing?

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The drawing is the clue we need to solve the show’s puzzle. It’s a map of sorts and it shows us where we can find Dr. Quinn and Dr. Woods if they’re still alive. The drawing itself has 3 distinct paths: one that cuts through what looks like mountains to reach a large center section; one that goes around the center section; and one that goes through it.

The map suggests that there are 3 possible endpoints for Dr. Quinn’s movements:

1) She made it to Dr. Woods’s lab, where she was taken by the CDC. We already know what happened here so this path isn’t very helpful right now.


2) The path that goes around the center section. This could be a reference to the larger area of land she was trying to get across when we saw her last, possibly in Colorado?

3) The path going through the center section, a place called “Cave-in-Rock”. What is Cave-in-Rock? Here’s a link to an old historical site devoted to it.  

What makes this path so special?

Well, there are a few things that make it stand out:

1) According to the website above, “Cave-in-Rock is where outlaws hid from the law”

2) It’s the only path that is labeled with a question mark. The reason why Dr. Quinn has done this is because she doesn’t know what’s there exactly, but she knows it’s important. Maybe this was the location of something valuable or possibly her missing family?

3) There are two Xs along this path. If you’ll remember, the last stop we saw Dr. Quinn was at an X that pointed to a town called “Grand Tower”.

I think that the path through Cave-in-Rock is our best lead as of now and it’s also the most dangerous one to follow up on. It could be where we find Dr. Quinn or maybe even Dr. Woods, but it could also be a dead end.

I don’t think the show will lead us to a dead-end though, otherwise, Dr. Quinn wouldn’t have included this path or added her question mark. We’ll get an answer for sure and soon I hope…

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