Pandemic Is Most Likely To Be REMOVED From The Xbox Store At The End Of This Month


There’s a game called pandemic, which has been around for four years and receives frequent updates from developer Asmodee. It was even on Xbox Game Pass for a while before leaving the service earlier this month. But it appears that there is more to come than just Game Pass soon.

The developer has been contacted about the game, according to a Reddit post.

The developer of the game had to remove it from Steam, the iOS App Store, and Google Play last July due to a variety of concerns that we are not authorized to discuss.

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It doesn’t end there, either. The same developer response says that the Microsoft version (which will be on PC and Xbox) will be delisted on January 31, 2022, with the Nintendo Switch version following by July 31, 2022.

“Only PC, the App Store and Google Play have been deleted for now. The Microsoft edition will come out on January 31, 2022, followed by Nintendo Switch during the last week of July 2022.”

This all stems from a supposed customer support email from the developer, which there’s no reason to believe isn’t genuine. The game’s removal from Game Pass doesn’t signify much, but the fact that it’s no longer available on Steam indicates that something is wrong.


We predict that the game’s title will not help it much in 2022, and the game’s content. It’s a shame, though, that hard work by a developer is being lost.

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