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1. How can I tolerate it? It’s Painful to think about Sasuke right now…

  • “How painful is the thought of Sasuke right now?” That line was targeted at me and my sister, huh…… Even though we’re children, we still have a duty as the next head and the next head after that…… we inherit everything from our parents and we can’t even complain about it…… We don’t have the freedom to choose what we want to do and who we want to be with. Because of that, I resented my father because he was too stubborn. And now Sasuke is doing the same thing as me before…… He just came back from a battle and yet he’s going out on another mission… it’s really tough to bear……

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2. To me, the true measure of power is how much those close to you can hurt you.

  • To be able to take that from those who are closest to you shows real mastery. Itachi said this line when he was being attacked by Ensui Nara.

3. You are my brother…I want you to have this.

  • Itachi gave Sasuke his eyes because Itachi wanted Sasuke to get stronger, but also because Itachi wanted to give Sasuke the best chance of avenging their family by killing him.

4. “No matter what happens I will love only you.”

  • Itachi to Sasuke when Itachi leaves the village.

5. I want to be with you forever… but i have a duty……

  • itachi to sasaeku when he dies.

6. “Believe in your light…and one day, that light will become a flame that illuminates the darkness.”

  • Itachi was finally able to accept Sasuke and himself, and Itachi wanted Sasuke to know that.

7. The brother i loved became a true friend…… however…that truth was also painful..

8. Seems like the only ones who get me are you and sasuke…even though we’ve never met before…it’s strange isn’t it…

9. The Uchiha clan… the village… my parents…… i want to do what i can for them all.

10. As your older brother, I’ve been watching you from the shadows all this time, but I never would have thought that even in death we wouldn’t be able to talk face-to-face……..

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