Every Time I Die Music Band HAVE BROKEN UP


It’s with a heavy heart we announce the dissolution of Every Time I Die as we know it. Eight years ago when we first started writing and playing together in our parents’ garages we had only hoped that people would someday be able to listen to our music and come out to our shows and have a good time being entertained. We never could have imagined the support you all would one day give us and how much it would mean to us. Thank you for everything and for always sticking by us, we will forever appreciate your kindness and dedication to our band.

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With that said, we want to let everyone know that we won’t be playing any further shows or doing any more tours. We feel as though we have done everything we could ever hope to do and our time feels right to move on. We want to keep things as positive as possible and thank everyone that has stuck with us through thick and thin; for those of you that weren’t around to experience the band before this album cycle began, we truly apologize and hope that our final release will give you all some idea of the impact we had on people and the good times we shared together.

Source: Loudwire

We are working towards putting together a short run this summer to say goodbye but nothing has been set in stone yet. We will keep everyone posted, thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Thanks again guys,

Keith, Jordan, Andy & Daniel

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