MOON KNIGHT TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Details & Easter Eggs You Missed!


When I heard Marvel was going to give the white-clad vigilante another shot, I got excited. Though I didn’t love all of the solo runs, the most recent one, in particular, had me really pumped up. It wasn’t just that it was a return to form for Warren Ellis, but also because it was a young reader-friendly book. In many ways, Moon Knight is the only Spider-Man that Marvel has anymore. Spider-Man now lives in a high school all his own with those similar to him. He’s become a kid glommed on by other youth dressed as heroes and villains alike with gizmos and gadgets galore. It’s, well, kind of embarrassing to be even a little bit older than the target audience.

Moon Knight is different. He’s not a kid or young adult in any way which makes him more accessible for readers who still think it sounds cool to read about a dude dressed up like a bat who fights crime. To me, Moon Knight’s cool factor is more in line with the Dark Knight than Spider-Man and that’s why he’ll always be one of my go-to titles when I want to read about a second stringer who actually kicks ass.

The trailer for Marvel’s new take on Moon Knight was released at San Diego Comic Con this past summer. I’ve seen the trailer dozens of times and analyzed it down to every last detail. I was ecstatic, which means that you’re in for a good breakdown of what just might be the most promising Moon Knight material since his Ellis-penned days!

The Trailer:

The scene begins as we see an old man making his way down a hall. He hears something and goes to investigate the source only for it to be revealed as Moon Knight whom we find at the end of the hall.

The shot pans out to reveal an office setting with vintage computers all around. This is actually one of my favorite parts not just because it starts off with some nostalgia, but also because it shows that Moon Knight is not a character that should be confined to the streets. He’s got an office just like all of us normal folk and he uses it to get shit done.

The next shot takes us through the office door with Moon Knight in pursuit. This shot gives us our first look at his costume which I’ll be discussing in more detail momentarily. First, notice that he’s wearing his cowl with the attached mask. That’s notable because it means that the mask doesn’t come off—at least not easily.

Here comes my personal favorite shot of the trailer as we see Moon Knight through a window and then back to our old friend who is flailing about in the air. This shot brings us our first big-time cameo: Spider-Man! You can see him on the right side of this shot as he hangs from a web swinging by the window.

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The next couple shots are quick and give us our best look at Moon Knight’s new duds as well as his desk (which looks like it was made out of a rocket ship).

The shot pans out to reveal that Moon Knight has Spider-Man in his clutches. Spider-Man fires off a bit of webbing at Moon Knight before the scene cuts away.

The next immediate cut is interesting because it shows us two new characters very briefly: a blonde girl and a man with what looks like a robotic arm. I’ve got no idea who either of them are, but it’s possible that one or both of them might be Moon Knight associates or villains.

The next scene shows a bit more action as we see a man in a blue shirt running away from Moon Knight before he turns around and fires at him with what appears to be a handgun.

The next shot is also quick, but gives us our best look at the aforementioned man with the robotic arm because he’s in full view for just a second. At first I thought it was Silvermane, but it’s probably not him since Silvermane’s body has been destroyed and he now walks around in an advanced suit of armor. So who is this guy? Maybe he’s the villain known as Answer or maybe he’s just a run-of-the-mill criminal that Moon Knight caught up with during his nightly rounds. We may never know for sure, but I hope to see more of him in future issues!

Source: YouTube

I’m not entirely sold on the guy’s costume, but it’s a nice touch to give him a robotic arm. It fits with what we know of Moon Knight who has been establishing himself as a gadgeteer of sorts since his first issue back in 2006.

The next shot is quick as well and shows us two people from behind: the blonde girl from earlier and…

Moon Knight! I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here as it looks like she’s meeting up with Moon Knight after the action is over.

The very next shot gives us our first look at a classic Moon Knight villain: Black Spectre! She looks to be fighting Moon Knight in this particular scene, but we never actually see them fight because the shot cuts away from them.

The next scene is a doozy as we see the new Moon Knight duds in all their glory as well as some action that takes place on what appears to be a light post. Elisabeth Rosen, better known as actress Lizzy Caplan, plays the role of Marlene whom we last saw back in Moon Knight #1 (2016).

From this same scene we get another look at the blonde girl and…

She’s got a gun! This is our first real good look at her, but she certainly seems to be an important character. Since we’ve already met Spider-Man and Black Spectre it’s fair to assume that this girl isn’t a villain, but rather a hero who Moon Knight is teaming up with.

The next shot shows us a creepy-looking man with what appears to be a peg leg and a hook for a hand fighting Moon Knight. I have no idea who this guy is, but he’s certainly going to give Moon Knight some trouble since that punch looked pretty devastating.

The next couple shots are quick as we see a man with…

A big gun! This menacing looking thing is probably something that Moon Knight can use against his enemies, but I’m not sure what it’s called or who the guy is. Possibly an old foe of Moon Knight? Maybe someone else entirely? Again, we may never know until the series actually comes out.

The next scene shows us an interesting looking man with some strange powers. He’s definitely using some sort of telekinesis on Moon Knight, but I don’t recognize him from any previous issues of Moon Knight or the Defenders which is where he appears to be taking place. Based on his appearance he seems to be a villain, but I could be wrong. He looks a bit too generic for my tastes, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about him in future issues of Moon Knight!

The next scene shows us another action sequence as the blonde girl from earlier is fighting against…

Two big guys! These two certainly don’t look like your stereotypical thugs, but I get the impression that they are working for some nefarious organization. They both look to be incredibly strong which means they’ll likely give Moon Knight a run for his money.

The next shot shows us an interesting looking character in pink with…

Pink hair! This girl looks like she’s in the middle of doing something important as we see a couple other people in the background as well. I can’t quite make them out, but it seems like they’re doing some sort of experiment.

The next shot shows us another good look at our good looking blonde friend from earlier and…

She’s got armor! This is certainly interesting as we’ve already seen several characters with abilities so this really mixes things up. Who is she? What does she do? When did she get her armor? There are so many questions, but hopefully we’ll find out the answer to at least some of them in Moon Knight!

The next shot shows us another action scene which includes what appears to be…

Source: YouTube

A dog fight! I get the impression that Moon Knight and his two sidekicks are on some sort of hunt for bad guys. It’s unclear who these three people are, but I’m guessing one is Moon Knight himself, the other might be Lizzy Caplan’s character from earlier, and the third could be our blonde friend with armor or even one of those goons from earlier.

The next shot shows us yet another action sequence as Moon Knight comes across…

A giant crab! This crab looks like it’s going to be a real problem for Moon Knight as he may not have much experience dealing with crustaceans, but I’m sure he’ll figure something out. The big question is where did this crab come from and why is it attacking Moon Knight?


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