The Grenadier Guards Give THREE CHEERS For Prince Andrew, Who Is Demoted To Colonel.


The Prince of Wales has stepped down as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards after nearly four decades in the role.

Prince Charles relinquished his position at a ceremony today and gave outgoing Colonel Sir Miles Hunt-Davis three cheers, which were returned by the troops.

Sir Miles handed over responsibility for commanding 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards to the outgoing Commanding Officer of  2nd Battalion, The Duke of Cambridge.

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Prince Charles was admitted to the elite regiment in 1969 and became its Colonel in 1975.

He attended today’s ceremony at Windsor Castle along with his son William, who enlisted in September 2005 before serving with the unit in Afghanistan for four months last year.

In an address to those gathered, the Colonel of The Grenadier Guards, Lieutenant General Sir Christopher Starr described His Royal Highness as a ‘steadfast friend’ and the regiment’s association with him as ‘an honour’.

“You have served as our Colonel for almost 40 years. For the past 35 years, you’ve been an active and committed Commander, and we are genuinely grateful to you today. “

“For the Grenadier Guards, your name will always be synonymous with duty; duty to God; duty to country; duty to The Queen; duty to comrades in arms.

“You fought beside us in battle and shared our hardship when away on exercises or operations. In so many ways you have been a diligent and diligent soldier.”

He added: “Your care for the soldiers of the Grenadier Guards has been both generous and unstinting – from mentoring new officers, to looking after wounded Guardsmen, to visiting those in hospital, you have done it all with a characteristic modesty that is typical of you.


“Your Royal Highness, we bid you a very heartfelt farewell as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards.”

Prince Charles replied: “I would like to say that it is an enormous privilege and honour for me to have been Colonel of The Grenadier Guards since 1975 and I am immensely grateful for all the countless kindnesses which I have received from Guardsmen and Officers alike during that time.

“The Regiment has been an important part of my life for over half a century and I cannot tell you just how much I will miss you all.”

Prince Andrew, who was admitted to the regiment in 1979 before being promoted to Colonel in 1987, gave Sir Miles three cheers which were returned by the troops.

The Duke of Edinburgh stepped down in March this year after more than 40 years’ service.

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