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Megan Fox’s ENGAGEMENT Ring Has Thorns, Its Hard To Remove Without Pain


Megan Fox’s wedding ring has thorns and is apparently really difficult to remove.

The actress showed off her engagement ring at the film Critics’ Choice Awards, reports PEOPLE magazine. Megan was seen jumping up and down on the red carpet while adjusting the large gold band.

She later told reporters that she had never worn the band before, saying: “I’ve never worn this ring. It’s really heavy – it’s not my style at all.” Megan also said it was difficult to get the ring off because of the thorns on it.

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She said: “I have a great jeweler who did it for me, but I’m not sure what he did to it. It’s supposed to be easily removable, but I can’t get it off.” She also said she is in no rush to marry the “Transformers” director.

Fox said: “I’ve never had a relationship like this before … I feel like every day I meet someone new that I want to be with. I want to spend a bunch of time dating and being on my own, and then the next person I fall in love with will be it for my whole life.”

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She also said she is trying not to get pregnant because her two sons from her previous relationship are having a tough time adjusting to Shia’s son from a previous relationship. She said: “I don’t want to add any more kids to my brood until they can be part of the decision.”

Fox also told reporters that she wore her wedding ring because it reminded her of Shia’s son, even though they are not engaged.

She said: “I wasn’t wearing the ring to represent an engagement or marriage. I was wearing the ring because I love my fiance.”

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