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When We Were Young, a new festival co-hosted by Live Nation, the large-name concert promoter that organized Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival, will be held this summer. It features popular old-school emo bands from the last two decades coming together for a reunion performance.

When We Were Young will be a sort of warped tour for 2022, with headliners Paramore and My Chemical Romance, as well as Myspace-era favorites such as Alkaline Trio, AFI, and The Used.

Namely, it’s a nostalgia-packed set for former emos (or anyone who never grew out of their emo phase). Welcome to the roaring twenties.

Many people are equally as ecstatic about the internet’s former scene vixens, but many believe the event, which will be held on October 22, is too amazing to be true.

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The logistics were broken down by TikTok user @thebatmer: “There are 65 bands, there’s 12 hours in the festival day, and there are three stages,” she noted.

“It takes roughly 33 minutes and change for each band to perform,” she calculated, noting that this time frame incorporates break-down and set-up for each act, which can take up to an hour in total.

“It appears to me that everything might go wrong.”

When We Were Young is expected to turn into a Fyre Festival-style disaster, taking account of the high ticket price (nearly $300).

Finally, there’s the issue of Live Nation’s involvement in the event.

The live entertainment firm, which, it’s worth noting, has organized a wide range of concerts and festivals that have gone off without a hitch, isn’t exactly in dire need of money.

That said, the link between Live Nation and Astroworld isn’t lost on potential When We Were Young visitors. It’s not out of the question that ticket sales, which begin on January 21, might be hampered by its relationship to such a terrible event.

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