Fury Erupted, When Prince William Inquired About Andrew At A Royal Engagement – ‘It Was Kate’s Day!’


On Thursday’s This Morning, Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes were joined by Gyles Brandreth and Henry Bonsu to talk about the day’s news, since the panel was discussing current issues.

After the meeting, Rochelle expressed her annoyance at Prince William being asked a question about his uncle Prince Andrew during his first joint venture with Kate Middleton in 2022.

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“Let us speak about the Duke and Duchess returning to duty.

“But it took a bad turn, they made their debut for the New Year yesterday at the Foundling Museum in London, and Kate was named patron, which was supposed to be a lovely day.”

Gyles interjected, remarking: “William has given the language a new phrase: ‘Sorry, I can’t hear you.’”

“This week in and week out, I’ll be using this with my lovely wife as she makes her way from the kitchen to the dining room.”

“It’s part of the back-and-forth,” Henry added. “What he may have said if he was on his feet is, ‘Look, there’s a legal procedure in place for my uncle just like everyone else,’ so let things play out.’

Source: Nigeria on 24 News

“But to say, ‘I can’t hear you,’ is perfectly understandable. I’d probably reply the same thing. “

“It was panic, wasn’t it? It was Kate’s day; let her have her moment.”

This isn’t the first time a member of the Royal Family has been called out in public regarding the Duke of York.

On January 14, Prince Charles remained silent when asked a question about his brother.

The Queen’s eldest son was confronted at Haddo Country Park in Aberdeenshire during his first public appearance of the year.

“Will you take my place in the line?” “May I ask your viewpoint on your brother’s job?” he declined to answer.

This follows the conclusion of a civil case brought against Prince Andrew by Virginia Giuffre, which had been ruled in her favor.

According to the go well with, Epstein trafficked her to Jeffrey Duke of York, a paedophile.

All accusations have been consistently denied by Prince Andrew.

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