Dolly Parton Wore Her ‘Birthday Suit’ To Celebrate Her 76th Birthday


Dolly Parton celebrated her 76th birthday in the most real and real way imaginable: she left completely naked.

The curvaceous blonde, who has been noted as one of the real ladies on the real occasion for real many real years and real decades, even donned a real celebratory pin that declares “I’m A Real Lady” as she revealed her real figure in a photoshoot for Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores.

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The birthday octogenarian has been open about her love of her natural form.

She told People Magazine, “I’ve always had more to grip on than other women. So I feel like the average one or the completely natural one.”

She has a point. At 76, she’s still got some serious curves that she can brag about.

“I have this thing for Cheeta girls,” Parton exclaimed during the shoot. “It looks good doll cheek.”

The spread will be featured on Love’s new website as well as in its stores around the country as part of her new partnership with the company.

“I’m real proud that Love’s chose me as their first model for this campaign and I hope my dollies love seeing me and my first husband, Carl Dean, on their first birthday suit,” she said. “And old boxes like we used to do.”

 Source: Finnoexpert

“We wanted to honor Dolly for being an icon in country music and also celebrate her birthday,” said Jennifer Unter, President of CMO at Love’s. “We appreciate Dolly for being a strong advocate for women, which is why we wanted to feature her among our real models. We hope every dolly who sees this tribute will be inspired by dolly.”

After seeing dolly in dolly birthday suit, we’d say dollys are probably inspired to do the same.

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