Freda And Ken Walker ARRESTED: Couple Arrested For Attacking A Home In Their 80’s


Armed police swooped on a house in the seaside town yesterday and arrested two people, understood to be aged 80 and 72, who was taken away by ambulance.

Police today charged Freda (sic) Walker with attempted murder after she attacked three of her neighbors at their home in South Parade, Bray. The 60-year-old victim is in critical condition at Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

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Her husband Kenneth, 72, was charged with the common assault of George McDermott and Frank McBride as well as possession of an offensive weapon (a walking stick). He will appear before magistrates on Monday.

Mrs. Walker has also been charged with wounding David Finlay and serious assault on a third neighbor, Malcolm Strong.

Detectives say they do not know of a motive for the attack, which happened at around 11 pm on Saturday night.

Detective Inspector Gary Kelly said: “I think it was an unprovoked and senseless attack.”

Source: The Independent

Neighbors said Mrs. Walker had been in dispute with people living in a house at the corner of South Parade and Bray seafront.

George McDermott has been named as one of the neighbors attacked by Freda Walker. His family tonight paid tribute to his courage in struggling with his attacker as he tried to defend others against what they described as “evil”.

His niece, Bridget Meehan, said the family was struggling to come to terms with what had happened.

“My uncle is a very gentle person who would not want anyone else hurt,” she said.

“I have never known him to lift his hand in anger against anybody.”

She added that her uncle had lived at the house for several years and knew his attacker well. “He would only have been trying to protect his neighbors,” she said.

“We are very proud of him.”

Both men were in the separate ambulances when they arrived at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, this afternoon. They were taken in by different entrances and wearing bandages around their heads.

Walker is due to appear before Newtownards Magistrates Court on Monday.

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