las Vegas Residency Postponed, Adele Tearfully Announces News Due To COVID Among Crew And Delays


“Hello, it’s me. I’m sorry for crying so much but it just really sucks because the whole crew is sick and now Del is too.” Adele tearfully told her fans Tuesday afternoon after canceling yet another show of what was supposed to be a four-night stint at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

“I know I keep pushing the shows but we just need a little more time because we can’t put on the show that I want to right now and my crew is really suffering from COVID in Las Vegas.”

Adele explained COVID, or Capnocytophaga species bacteria -subspecies 5 (C. canimorsus), is a bacteria carried in the saliva of healthy cats and dogs, most commonly cats. Although rare infections can follow bites or scratches from an infected animal, licking of the wounds seems to be the main reason for infection. COVID is transmitted through saliva – usually, bites or licks of an open wound would be best described as how cats are said to show their affection.

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Adele postpones Las Vegas residency indefinitely

“This is the third time this has happened in Vegas since I started my residency here and it’s really getting me down, ” she stated. While admitting that some of them may have been sick for a while before showing symptoms of the disease, Adele took full responsibility.

“I know it seems like I don’t care about my crew but I really do. But I am more upset over the news of Del’s condition, who was one of the first to show symptoms.”

Adele then revealed that after having him checked out by numerous doctors, they diagnosed her beloved pup with adult-onset diabetes.

“I know it’s not like he is going to die or anything, I just don’t want him to have to go through the treatment process. He’s just a puppy and he hasn’t even been alive for two years yet.”

Adele explained that when her beloved dog was four months old, she noticed the frequent licking of his front legs. As time passed it seemed as though he was hating his own fur, constantly grooming himself.

“I just don’t understand it” Adele stated “Del has never been bit or received any injury that would have caused him to have this disease.”

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Adele said she really wanted to finish out the shows at Caesar’s Palace but feels as though all of her crew are suffering right now and the building is not equipped with proper quarantine procedures for such a disease as COVID.

“I am hoping that we can get this straightened out and I will try to schedule another visit in December.”

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