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Adele Cancels Her Whole Las Vegas Residency In Tears.


Adele has announced the cancellation of her Las Vegas residency in a heartfelt video.

The Caesars Palace hotel’s Colosseum arena was set to host Adele’s Las Vegas residency from January 21, which would run for twelve weeks through April 16. The concerts were also expected to be her first since 2017.

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On Thursday night, January 20, 2018, Adele revealed the news to her followers on Instagram in a video. She added, sniffling: “I’m so sorry to tell you that my show isn’t going ahead. We’ve done everything we can to make it ready in time; however, COVID has wreaked havoc on our production.”

“COVID has taken a toll on half of my crew and team. They are still suffering from it, and I can’t do the show because I’m unable to finish it. I’m devastated – I apologize for the inconvenience but we’ve been awake for over 30 hours attempting to solve it and there’s no more time.”

“I’m really upset and embarrassed, and I apologize to everyone who was forced to travel again. I’m truly sorry.”

“We’re still working on rescheduling the residency dates,” she continued. “I’m planning to complete my show and get it where it belongs. We’ve been under a lot of pressure and haven’t yet completed it. I apologize for that.

Source: Metro

The Las Vegas residency was designed to promote Adele’s chart-topping new album, 30. The publication El Hunt of NME gave the album three stars and stated: “It’s nice to see the pop titan treading braver territory, even if the hit rate isn’t 100 percent,” in a review published November 2017.

On January 12, the British musical titan released a black-and-white music video for ‘Oh My God,’ from her forthcoming 30th studio album. In the UK, ’30’ was identified as the year’s top seller, with sales of over 600,000 copies.

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