Bill Hader And Anna Kendrick Have Been Secretly Dating For More Than a Year


Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader kept their relationship a secret from the public for more than a year.

“It’s not my fault. I know what it’s like to be disconnected from the culture, and I’m very concerned about our children,” she began.” While they’re growing up in a world where everything is instant and digital, their parents are growing old in an analog world where things take time.”” Anna Kendrick has been linked to a variety

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” The relationship is said to have started after the pair met on the set of their new film – out later this year – ‘The Last 5 Years.’ “

Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader Kept Relationship Secret:

Hollywood’s hottest couple — Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader — have kept their relationship under wraps for more than a year. The “Pitch Perfect” star and the funnyman met on the set of their upcoming movie, “The Last 5 Years,” and started dating shortly after production wrapped in 2013. Neither actor has said anything publicly about their relationship, but we were able to confirm that they’ve been quietly dating for more than a year.

” Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader first met on the set of ‘The Last 5 Years’ last year, and it was love at first sight…at least for him! After months of hiding their relationship, they decided to take the plunge. They were spotted together at Disneyland back in April, where they cozied up to each other and walked hand-in-hand through the park. “

” A relationship that began on a Hollywood set is now heating up in real life, as Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader take their relationship behind closed doors.”

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