5 Tricks to Make Better iPhone Travel Videos


A device that we always, every day, and of course, carry with us on every trip is the iPhone, and as you well know, it is a tool that has tremendous potential at the video level. Therefore, in this post we want to tell you 5 tricks that will help you record better videos with your iPhone when you go on a trip.

Tips for recording video with iPhone

The capacity that the iPhone has when it comes to recording video is really impressive, from the different lenses it has, although this also depends on the model you have, to the stabilization and the sound that it is capable of capturing. Without a doubt, it is the best smartphone that you can use if you want to record quality video. However, and this is something obvious, the device cannot do all the work for you, so here we want to give you a series of tricks that will improve even more the results that you can obtain when recording video with the iPhone.

First of all, and this will really help you a lot to be able to frame the image much better, is that activate the grid from the camera app. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps. On your iPhone, open the Settings app. Select Camera. Activate the grid.

If you have an iPhone that has the ultra wide angle lens, whenever there are good light conditions, that is, whenever it is daytime, use this lens, because you will be able to capture much more and better the environment and the results obtained when making a video of a trip are much better. If you don’t know how to use this lens on iPhone, just follow the steps below. Open the Camera app. Select the 0.5 next to the 1. What do you want to do with the video next? This is very important, because depending on the purpose you have with the video you are recording, you will have to do it in portrait or landscape. The most appropriate thing is that you have this clear before starting to record, so you can also always record with the iPhone vertically, or on the contrary, horizontally.

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Many videos that you can see on social networks about the trips that people take can seem boring, since the images are very static. A trick to give much more life and fun to travel videos is play with the movements you can make with the camera. This is another advantage of the iPhone, its size makes it much more manageable than a normal camera, therefore take advantage of it to take pictures on the move, since it also stabilization that this device has will make the clip much more professional and the result very attractive. The last tip or tip we want to give you is to always keep exposure in mind. The iPhone records automatically, but in this case each user can lock exposure so that during the recording there are no changes of lights that could affect the final result. To do this, all you have to do is press and hold on a part of the image until the message appears on the screen. “AE/AF lock”then you can vary the exposure to your liking and during the entire recording there will be nothing that can change it.