50 years ago today: Active Catholic School students made an academic trip to the United States


Original text published by La Nación on July 3, 1972

Next Tuesday, 25 children from the Active Catholic School leave for the United States. The purpose of the trip is to study and directly observe geographical aspects of that country. They will visit Cape Kennedy, in Florida; also Cipress Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Everglades, Orange Grove, among others.

The minors will also take a tour of the Bay of Biscay and take the opportunity to visit Disneyland and the Seaquarium in Miami. The children will travel accompanied by three of their teachers and several parents.

Students Carlos Roberto Aguilar, Abisag Alfaro, Luis Rafael Alonzo, Elena Margarita Brizuela, Alina Castro, Marco Vinicio Coll, Anabelle, Margaret, Jorge and José Carlos Galva Rodríguez, Rodolfo Garnier Obando, Tony González, Gabriela Gutiérrez, Francisco Gutiérrez will attend the trip. and Anabelle Hernandez.

Also joining the expedition are María Eugenia Jiménez, Mery Jean McCormick, Lauren McCormick, Ana Renzy, Mónica Renzy, María Vanessa Reyes, José Gabriel Rivas, Klaus Steinnetz, Jorge Luis Viñas and María Isabel Corella. The excursion was organized by the teacher Isabel Solano, from the institution’s sixth grade.

In other news:


Municipality wants a popular theater

The councilors of the Municipality of San José consider that, apart from the limited capacity of the National Theater, which forces high prices to be charged, clothing seems to be another brake on the “plain” public who is uncomfortable with the tie and the entire dress, do not attend evenings, ballets, concerts and other cultural events that you could attend in a municipal theater.

The Vice President of the Municipality, Jorge Rabetta, said that “at this time, when drugs, liquor and other vices begin to falsify our cultural and social base, the Municipality could contribute, even with a grain of sand, to save the which looks like a total collapse in the short term. How? Opening a popular theater in which category cultural shows can be seen by this ‘plain’ public”.

When asked how the municipality could carry out this project, they stated: “By buying the Raventós building.” In addition to a theater room with capacity for 2,000 people, there will be an events room for conferences and exhibitions.

Paul VI regrets idea of ​​impossible peace

Pope Paul VI lamented yesterday that the idea spread that peace is impossible and that only the use of force is capable of maintaining a transitory and false truce. The pope spoke from the window of his study over St. Peter’s Square before a throng of tourists and Romans.

He lamented the “deep internal divisions that have become widespread in many countries.” He did not specifically allude to civil strife in Northern Ireland, the arms race, the Indochina war or revolutionary violence in Latin America, but Vatican sources said he clearly had those issues in mind.

He urged humanity to allow love to overcome “selfishness, the spirit of revenge, and hateful jealousy.” Later, he expressed: “If this is a naive and dangerous dream, we do not consider ourselves dreamers but idealists and prophets and we do not tire of waiting and fighting for peace in love.”