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The sacrifice was great. The battle with the “electromagnetic gunboat type” swallowed the lives of his many friends, not to mention the injury of Theo, in the rough seas.

Shana was one of them, who was the deputy director of Sidden’s corps “Brísingamen”. Sidden vows her revenge, and Kurena, who was upset by Shin’s missing news and couldn’t sniper, was the distant cause of Shana’s death, losing her composure. However, the war situation does not consider boys and girls.

Escape destination of <electromagnetic gunboat type> -The last nation that can be communicated now, the Holy Religious Country of Neuronalse. Shin and his friends set foot in a mysterious nation that is wary of the United Kingdom of Vikas and even the upper ranks of the Federation while being a compatriot who fights the threat of Legion …!

Previously On 86 Eighty-Six Episode 8 :

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In episode 8, because the Revolution Festival rapidly approaches, Lena sends a crate complete of fireworks in conjunction with different elements to the Spearheads. She guarantees the unit that she can be able to make sure that they’ll get reinforcement as quickly as possible, however it seems that Shinei and Raiden are reluctant to inform her something. Anju is famous to Kurena that she grew her hair to cover the tattoo of the phrase “whore’s daughter” on her back.

When she met Daiya for the primary time, he asks her if she became developing the hair as it became pretty, in spite of understanding her actual reasons. Carl Stahl tells Lena that he has already knowledgeable the respective departments approximately Lena’s request for resupply and processor alternative for Spearheads. Happy that her unit will quickly have what they desperately need, Lena, attends the Revolution Festival, albeit in a black dress.

Meanwhile, even as looking at the fireworks, Anju shall we herself grieve. Shinei asks Lena to recall him and his comrades. The subsequent Legion assault proves to be devastating on Spearheads. They lose numerous participants, and the relaxation of them agrees to inform Lena of the truth. San Magnolia doesn’t intend to allow any of the 86 to go away from the battle alive. If they continue to exist for years, they’re unavoidably despatched to the Spearheads, who don’t get reinforcement till all of its participants are killed.

When Lena asks why the 86ers are nevertheless combating for the Republic in the event that they recognize approximately this, Raiden tells her that it’s due to the kindness they’ve acquired from positive Albas. The episode ends as a brand new Legion drone obliterates an exceptional Juggernaut unit. In episode 8, Lena will probably preserve to battle to preserve her sanity, especially because of new revelations. She may have come to be dissatisfied approximately Carlstahl, figuring out that he has allowed the terrible gadget preserve in spite of understanding its horrible cost.

86 Eighty-Six Episode 9 Spoilers:

86 Eighty-Six Episode 9 release date

The revolution festival is about to begin, Lena started to prepare for the upcoming festival. She collects a crate of fireworks that got illegal moved to Spearhead. Lena proposes for supplies and reinforcement to move to Spearhead. Lena’s uncle ends up agreeing with Lena’s decision. The team works with the new supply shipment that got received by the Spearhead.

Meanwhile, Kurena and Anju talk about Daiya’s death in private. Only two episodes left to conclude 86 eighty-six. The two also spoke about how Daiya’s death affect Anju. Kurena asked Anju if they should talk with Leena about Spearhead’s secret.

The two are not sure since Shin and Raiden are not ready to reveal the truth to Lena. The day of the festival arrives, Lena attends a party that she was not interested in. While the Spearhead enjoys celebrating with a firework.

After, the party Spearhead gets ready to attack the Legion base. Surprisingly, Spearhead got ambushed by ultra-long artillery fire that forces them to withdraw and the attack left a few Spearhead members alive.

Meanwhile, Shourei heads out to confront the last member of Spearhead. Shourei thinks he will get Shin to his side to protect him since he is his brother. Lena is afraid that sometimes might happen to Shin and the last member who is attached. The clash between the blood brothers is about to begin.

86 Eighty-Six Episode 9 Release Date and Time:

The release date is 5th June 2021 on Saturday. The time is 5 p.m.

86 Eighty-Six Episode 9 Characters

  • Shinei Nouzen
  • Vladilena Milize
  • Raiden Shuga
  • Theoto Rikka
  • Anju Emma
  • Kurena Kukumila
  • Frederica Rosenfort

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