90’s Pop Tour concert announced in Guatemala, with renowned artists of the 90’s, 2022


They announce a 90’s Pop Tour concert in Guatemala in 2022, the artists JNS, Ana Torroja, Lynda, Benny, Kabah, Sentidos Opuestos and Erik Rubín will be there.

The event producer ASA Promotions announced the concert of 90’s Pop Tour in Guatemalait is a show in which recognized artists of the nineties will be presented #Qué chilero.

90’s Pop Tour is a musical concept that had the release of several studio albums and later a concert tour in which multiple Spanish-speaking artists and groups were present. Now this great group of singers will perform in the country, these are the details:.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Members of the musical group pose for the photograph. (Credits: 90’s Pop Tour)

90’s Pop Tour concert announced in Guatemala

90’s Pop Tour presents his concert in Guatemalain which artists will sing and dance JNS, Ana Torroja, Lynda, Benny, Kabah, Opposite Senses, Erik Rubín and Magneto. This is a perfect event for lovers of the nineties.

90's Pop Tour concert announced in Guatemala 2022 multiple artists of the nineties (1)

Description of the photo for visually impaired people: Poster with the artists who will perform at the concert. (Credits: ASA Promotions)

At the moment the date of the musical show is not known or when tickets will start selling. The location of the event is also unknown, but stay tuned for updates from Guatemala.com.

The last time the group performed was on October 31, 2019 in Cardales de Cayalá and all its Guatemalan fans enjoyed the best 90s hits live. What stood out during the show was the costumes, which had very striking colors and a unique style belonging to the time. Surely for this occasion they will surprise again!

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