Akira Toriyama’s message about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, his new movie


The new movie of Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, premiered on June 11 in Japan and the teacher wanted to share his opinion about the feature film after seeing it finished. Shall we take a look at his words, published in the film’s official theater booklet? So marching our translation!

I was finally able to watch the full movie. In short, it’s an awesome animated movie! Well, being the original author, you may not be very convinced that I say this, but I can assure you that I got carried away while watching it. I may be old now, but I was very moved.

Throughout the series, we’ve seen stories that take place in space or giant locations, but this time I wanted everything to go back to its roots. In this way, I placed the action of the film in a small area of ​​the Earth. In addition, the enemy to beat is the Red Ribbon, which did not cause too much sensation during the publication of the manga. And to top it off, neither Goku nor Vegeta will be the protagonists!

I was trying to make an interesting story, so I was worried that it would be too flat. That’s when Kodama, the director, and the impressive animation team entered the scene. Although the story might seem a bit small, considering the latest Dragon Ball patterns…

The team turned this story into a stunning film, never seen before, thanks to their unique style and innovative visuals! The battles gave me goosebumps in the second half of the movie, such as the fight in the rain. There is such skill and intensity in the songwriting that I was intoxicated by adrenaline.

Piccolo is so cool! And Gohan too! And Gamma 1, Gamma 2… All the characters are great! I don’t usually get excited about my own work, but I ended up thinking about all these things… I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. It was at that moment that I realized that all the problems and debates I had with my editor had been worth it.

And all this has been thanks to the director, Kodama, and the entire anime team, who have worked harder than me. I also want to thank all the crew members and voice actors who supported them, as well as my editor at Shueisha, who played a huge role in making this movie the best it could be.

I only have words of thanks for all of them. I am really satisfied. If there is anyone out there doubting the movie and wondering “Dragon Ball, huh…?”, I tell all of them to take my word for it and watch the movie. I guarantee that you will leave the cinema with a thousand hearts!

What do you think of the teacher’s words? Do you want to see the film in theaters? We remind you that Crunchyroll Y Sony It will be released in cinemas throughout Spain throughout this summer.