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Akira’s passes in July in M+ Classics I


The channel Classics I by M+ reissues in July, in its programming the anime movie Akirawhich has been released on Blu-ray and DVD by Select Vision. It is also on demand.

Wednesday, July 6 at 08:00.
Tuesday, July 12 at 04:11.

Year 2019. Neo-Tokyo is a city built on the old Japanese capital destroyed after World War III, which occurred more than thirty years ago. Japan is a country on the verge of collapse faced with continuous political crises. In a police state, corrupt politicians, religious sects, revolutionaries and a secret scientific project mingle in the explosive atmosphere of Neo-Tokyo. Secretly, a team of scientists has reactivated, by order of the army, an experiment to find subjects who can control the ultimate weapon: a force called absolute energy. But the people of Neo-Tokyo have other things to worry about. One of them is Kaneda, a young gang leader of a motorcycle gang dedicated to a permanent war with the rest of the gangs. During a fight, his best friend, Tetsuo, suffers a strange accident and ends up admitted to a military facility where experiments are carried out with the minds of humans, to develop paranormal powers. Tetsuo, used as a guinea pig in these experiments, changes physically and mentally. It is then that he develops a special connection with Akia, another of the government’s experiments, a boy with strange psychic powers who has been kept in cryogenic custody for over thirty years.

Based on his own manga comic, the famous cartoonist Otomo directs this dystopian film that revolutionized the world of anime in the 1980s and 1990s, being the first Japanese animated film for adults to arrive in Europe and soon becoming one of the most emblematic titles of ‘cyberpunk’ as well as in a cult work of animation.

The film raised its cost to 7 million dollars, being necessary to resort to several companies that formed the so-called “Akira Committee” to carry it out. Akira marked a before and after in the conception of anime for adults as a format that can afford to tell a complex and interesting story without neglecting its visual appeal. Akira manages to combine these two fundamental aspects, full of action sequences and violence with a visual style of the most impressive and visceral for which it was necessary to use up to 734 colors hand painted shot by shot.

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