Alajuelense vs. Cartaginés: Is the visit worth the goal? Overtime? Penalties?… This can happen today


For Alajuelense and Cartaginés the most important game of all remains, in which they cannot fail, in which a mistake can be very expensive and in which either of them can score a goal in history.

When Keylor Herrera stopped his stopwatch at the Fello Meza, the misty fans were ecstatic with that goal scored moments before by Jeikel Venegas.

The Blue and Whites dream that it is now when the time finally comes to break that streak of 81 years without celebrating a title of national champions.

But in Alajuelense they do not take for less and José Miguel Cubero himself stated directly that they have blood in their eye.

In the red and black dressing room there is the conviction that a León can never be left for dead and although in three games the team has only been able to score a goal against Cartaginés, the general expectation of the league is that this Wednesday an offensive team will be seen , that really shows hunger for the title. And not like what was shown the previous Sunday, when he did not generate a single direct auction.

This great final is not over and for both teams the best is yet to come. Some of them will celebrate.

It will be at 8 pm when Benjamín Pineda blows his whistle. There will begin the last 90 minutes of this great final between Alajuelense and Cartaginés, which at the moment has the misty ones with a 1-0 advantage.

Be careful… In principle there are 90 minutes, but the truth of the matter is that the possibility of the game extending into extra time and even penalties is also open.

To avoid confusion, here we present all the scenarios that can occur in this great final that has Carthaginians and leaguers waiting, with their hearts in their hands.

The first thing is that the away goal as a tiebreaker does not apply in the grand final. That method with which the misty ones forced the League to two more games no longer plays in this instance.

What happens then if the hypothetical case occurs that Alajuelense wins 1-0 at Morera Soto and the overall series is tied 1-1? Or that the League wins 2-1 and the grand final is then 2-2?

To answer that, you have to go to article 94 of the Competition Regulations, where all the tie-breaking procedures in the grand final are listed. So take note:

Away goals will have no additional value in the grand final round. If there is still a tie, extra time will be played. There are two halves of 15 minutes each, with a 5-minute break at the end of regulation time, but not between the two parts of the extra time. established by the International Board.

To make everything much clearer, here are some valuable notes on what can happen today in the final round of this grand final:

If the League does not score at the Morera Soto, Cartaginés will be champion. If Cartaginés wins the game, they will be champion. If the League wins the match with one goal difference, there will be extra time. If parity persists, the title would be defined from penalty kicks. If Alajuelense wins with two goals difference, he will win his 31st title of champion in national football.