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Amor Fati Episode 109 is all set to be released, scroll down to know about Amor Fati Episode 109 release date, spoilers, ep 108 recap, about the show, and much more

The story is about two different women name Do Yeonhee and Kang Yoonawho have different beliefs. They both are the main leads of the show with one hand believes in working and becoming successful and the other believes in true love and having a family. One of them gets to know that her husband is chatting on her with the woman who wants to be successful and she is in shock. The story continues with the two ladies who struggle with their personal and professional lives. We saw yoona taking every single step to maintain her career, then she met with someone who is asking her for a ticket to get out from that country, Yeon hee and Jaegyeong follow her meeting with the guy and later gets frustrated when reached home. 

Previously Amor Fati Episode 108 :

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In the previous episode we saw Mr. Hwang is blackmailing yoona, Yeon hee listens to the ongoing conversation between them and reveals it all in front of jaegyeong, after listening to him they both planned a trap for Mr. Hwang to know why he is blackmailing yoona. they both et to know about the reason but in the end time he escapes from both of them from jaegyeong and Yeon hee while they were talking to yoona on phone, and their episode ends up showing he is running away .  Listening to someone calling him and running on the phone, Yoona gets tense about what is going on over there. We also saw her breaking down from all the stress and work in episodes.

Amor Fati Episode 109 Release Date:

The releasing date for ” Amor Fati Episode 109 ” is scheduled on 9 September 2021. The episode for the show will be available online on SBS TV.

What To Expect From Amor Fati Episode 109 :

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Amor Fati Episode 109 Release Date

In the new upcoming episode, we will see  Yeon hee telling jaegyeong about the cancelation of the weeding on which he says that he can’t do that, Mr.Hwang tie-up in the room, and Yoona is asking someone who is after him. we will witness that Mr. Hwang meeting his kids as well, now what step will yoona take to the blackmailing, jaegyeong will postpone their wedding or not is also a big question. For more new updates stay tuned. 

Amor Fati Episode 109 Release Date

Who Is In The Cast Of Amor Fati?

  • Choi Jung Yoon – Do Yeon He
  • Ahn Jae Mo – Han Jae Kyeong
  • Bae Seul Gi – Kang Yoo Na
  • Park Hyung Joon – Jang Joon Ho
  • Kim Jong Goo – Jang Cheol Yong [Joon Ho’s father]
  • Yoon Mi Ra – Ko Sang Hye [Joon Ho’s mother]
  • Kim Yeo Jin – Jang Joon Hee [Joon Ho’s sister]
  • Park Sun Joon – Hwang Cheol Oh
  • Jung Ae Yun – Cho Min Jeong [Yeon Hee’s friend]
  • Kim Hong Pyo –Park Yoon Cheol [Jae Kyeong’s senior]

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