An inclusive rock concert will be held in signs with the band 37Grados GT in Guatemala


We tell you that there will be a inclusive concert of the rock band 37Grados GT that will be special for hearing impaired people and will be held on Saturday at the Torre del Reformador in Guatemala City.

The Guatemalan band will be in charge of the show with rock covers in Spanish, we will tell you the details below.

Inclusive rock concert in Guatemala City

This event will take place after the 10K Night race has finished, on Saturday, May 28, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Publication of the FB of the band 37 Grados GT

Omar Barrientos, bassist of the band 37Degree GT, commented: «We want to do something different and reach all those people who have not been able to enjoy a rock concert. This is the first step, but we hope that at some point there will be more opportunities to break down the barriers of inclusion.”

The members of the Guatemalan band have been playing together since 2018, but it was since 2020 when they decided to call themselves that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, since they wanted to convey that they feel good.

Reformer's Tower

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: This is the Torre del Reformador de Guatemala. (Credits: Mario Fernando Montufar)

A rock concert in sign language

The Academy Listen to your Skillful Hands will be the one who interprets with sign language to the attendees and for this the teachers Jammilleth Pozuelos and Monica Juarez will be present.

Jammilleth Pozuelos, one of the teachers at the academy, says that they have practiced the songs so that people with hearing disabilities can feel and enjoy the music. Pozuelos added: “It is the first concert with sign language. We are excited.”

Sign language

Description of the photo for visually impaired people: People interpreting sign language. (Credit: Adriana Gonzalez)

Pozuelos expects many people to come so they can feel the vibrations of the music and enjoy a new experience. In other countries they have used sensory vests so that people can feel the vibrations, but they still do not have that technology.

10K Night

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: The Guatemala Night 10K. (Credit: Municipality of Guatemala)

Batteries then, see you on Saturday night at the Torre del Reformador!

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