An International Dance Day full of public


Celebration with hundreds of activities and countless dances at the University Cultural Center

On April 30, dance returned to its vehicle: the body. The presences. The University Cultural Center was once again the epicenter of a world celebration, the International Dance Day (DID), which took on a sense of urgency: the need for contact. A ban that today rises between flamenco handclaps, classical ballet pas-de-bras, electronic or hip-hop beats and masterful ensembles with a long history.

“After two years of patient waiting to be able to gather again in this great party, which those of us who love dance celebrate every year, after so much time and distance in between, we can dance in front of an audience that enjoys, together with the dancers , of the passion and vitality of dance”, said the director of Danza UNAM, Evoé Sotelo, at the beginning of the day from the stage of the esplanade of La Espiga.

“This year is especially moving for all of us; We have stories of loss behind, of great difficulties, of all kinds, but we are here today and we will dance again, “she celebrated.

Thus, between clapping, bailaoras and live cante jondo, the long-awaited party began on time (11 am) under the large tent full of spectators. It opened with what, Sotelo said, is one of the most important programs of Danza UNAM: the Free Workshops, which offered a dance mosaic that ranged from flamenco and ballet to Arabic fusion dance.

With Moby-Dick, a staging full of humor, fantasy and love of books, the celebration was officially inaugurated in the Miguel Covarrubias Hall. A work for children and adults that goes through humorous versions of classics such as The Sword in the Stone, Cinderella or The Three Musketeers, to culminate in Melville’s masterpiece, in the creativity of the Lagú Danza company.

Ballroom dance, Mexican folklore, as well as contemporary and Polynesian dance, urban expressions and performance, completed the range displayed on nine simultaneous stages, including forums, tents and open spaces, such as the esplanade of the Sala Nezahualcóyotl or the tree-lined Julio Castillo Garden, where boys, girls, young people and families found freshness under the midday sun, while enjoying art.

The syncopated rhythms of Bollywood also took over the Esplanade of La Espiga with The Colors of the India, a colorful choreography presented by the Indian dancer ShaMpa GopiKrishna in collaboration with Mexican dancers.

115 proposals for 10 continuous hours. All this in a party that brought together thousands of people who joined The Power of Reunion, according to the title of the celebration. Afternoon of entertainment to contemplate Travesías to the interior, with the members of the Choreographic Workshop of the UNAM. Program made up of five pieces that have in common references to the post-pandemic and post-patriarchy and that speak of freedom, love, the search for identity and cultural tradition.

Later, Sonia Amelio, the legendary dancer, choreographer, concert pianist and crotalo player of international stature, offered her dance and crotalos concert at the Miguel Covarrubias Hall. In this performance she captured the different techniques that she masters so much and at the end of her presentation she received a shower of red carnations and intense applause from the public.

At the same time, the Foro de la Fuente played the handsome rhythm of L’orchestra SoNiDeRa LOStheMáS, a performance in which the members of this group use playback so that the public joins a collective dance that liberates and leads to the reinvention of bodies. Pure flavor.

Around eight o’clock at night, in the Foro de la Espiga the first notes began to sound with a large orchestra to make the many attendees dance. The challenge: coordinate the steps to give flight to the combination of danzón and what is recognized as Afro-Caribbean music. Let’s dance DANZSALSA was the closing show of this magnificent day. This last session was coordinated by the cultural promoter Félix Rentería, and from his throat came the classic exclamation: Hey family, danzón dedicated… to the UNAM!, a piece that the dance teacher himself commissioned from the Mexican musician and arranger Manuel Arzate. Vibrant and warm danzón that the audience celebrated at the end with an ascendant ¡Goya! Better, impossible.

Thus concluded this great celebration with the power of reunion. Hundreds of activities, counting premieres and innumerable dances that, during an entire Saturday, an accomplice of the scene, were shared by different generations: grandfathers and grandmothers, mothers and fathers of families, boys and girls in their first steps, in arms, in strollers or, already very on track, women and men with a vocation for singleness and people of sexual diversity.

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