“And Just Like That’ Episode 3: Release Date And Spoilers


And Just Like That’ Episode 3 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about And Just Like That’ Episode 3 Raw Scans, Previously on, And Just Like That’ Episode 2, And More.

It is an American comedy-drama television series by Michael Patrick King for HBO Max,  a 10-episode revival of another HBO television series namely ‘Sex and the City’ made by Darren Star.

And Just Like That Episode 2 Highlights:

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 Miranda gets a call from Carrie, who tells her about her husband’s death. She then finds, Mr. Big being carried away in a body bag. at school, Carrie is seen at a funeral home catered to Mr. Big’s taste. In a heart-touching ceremony, visuals of Mr. Big’s life play out on a projector along with his favorite song. A strange incident happens when a woman named Susan Sharon approaches Carrie and says that she forgives her even though she hasn’t apologized, whereby Carrie is confused. Miranda on seeing Brady and Che talking and gets angry as she gets to know that latter is exposing the former to a substance not suitable for those of his age. 

Miranda saves Dr. Nya from a strange masked person in the subway who was pranking people by stealing their bags. When the funeral home sends Carrie Mr. Big’s ashes despite not asking for them, she gets very upset and afterward calls Miranda and Stanford to her home for emotional support.

And Just Like That Episode 3 Spoilers:

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 Carrie learns from Big’s will that he left $1 million to Natasha who was his wife before Carrie. She starts stalking Natasha and finally finds her. Surprisingly  Natasha tells her she did not talk to Big since their divorce so Carrie concludes $1 million which he left for Natasha might be his way of saying sorry. Charlotte’s younger daughter, Rose, claims that she doesn’t feel like a girl.

   The three ladies go see Che’s comedy show where Miranda is affected by Che’s declaration that change is good. As we are previously told that Miranda’s marriage to Steve was similar to being “roommates” In the upcoming episodes Miranda might explore her sexuality with Che? Lastly, the episode finishes with Carrie deciding to walk back to her old apartment.

And Just Like That Episode 3 Release Date And Watch:

It will be released on 16, December 2021 at HBO Max.

Main Characters

  •  Carrie Bradshaw
  • Miranda Hobbes
  •  Charlotte York Goldenblatt
  •  Anthony Marentino
  • Steve Brady
  •  Stanford Blatch
  •  Harry Goldenblatt
  •   Che Diaz

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